The leading place in the assortment of the plant's products today is occupied by polyvinylchloride plastics, unplasticized materials in the form of sheets and granules.

A quality system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 has been created, implemented and certified.

Presence of our own scientific and technical base and many years of experience allow the collective of the enterprise to solve independently the issues related to the development of new brands and improvement of existing brands at the consumer's request.

The experience and professionalism of employees, the use of new technologies and modern equipment allow the enterprise to successfully occupy a worthy position in the industry and to develop rapidly under modern conditions.

We are proud of the fact that, despite the numerous problems that have arisen recently, we managed to retain qualified personnel - people, whose efforts create high-quality and demanded products.

Our company has achieved serious success in the production of high-quality products, carrying out for this purpose the reconstruction of production facilities and improving the qualification of its employees.

We cherish the business ties that have developed with our partners and are looking forward to new mutually beneficial contacts. Qualified specialists on your request will provide comprehensive information for the possibility of cooperation with us and as a consumer and as a business partner.

This approach guarantees the maintenance of the image of the Vladimir Chemical Plant - as one of the largest enterprises of its industry in Russia.



The factory of electrical insulating materials "Elinar" is the leading Russian producer of the newest insulation systems for turbo and hydro generators, traction electric motors of locomotives and electrical machines for general industrial and special purposes, electrical appliances and household appliances, fireproof cables and communication cables. The plant is the only enterprise in Russia and CIS countries that has its own unique production of mica papers. Using the original technologies of mica splitting, all known types of mica papers are produced here, which are the basis for all mica-containing electrical insulating materials: mica tapes, flexible and rigid sheet materials, collector pads, cuffs and other mica articles.



CJSC "Biochimplast" was established in 1992. Own production base, located in Aprelevka near Moscow (20 km from MKAD, is equipped with modern equipment.

Highly qualified specialists of CJSC "Biochimplast" have many years of experience in processing PVC into plastic materials and create the properties required by the consumer - the main asset of the company.

CJSC "Biochimplast" conducts an active scientific activity related to the development and implementation of resource-saving technologies for cleaning gas emissions from chloroorganic compounds and oil hidrohydrocarbons.

Our plants, which have been working for a long time at Sterlitamak JSC "Kaustik", Dzerzhinsk JSC "Caprolactam", Volgograd JSC Plastcard, convincingly prove that investing in environmental activities can make a tangible profit.