Packing for pharmaceuticals

At the moment on the Russian market there is a composite material of the Alu / Alu type of the following modification: oriented polyamide film 25 μm + Al foil 50 μm + PVC film 60 μm/p>

The material proposed by "KSK-groups" is fundamentally different from the traditionally used. A distinctive feature is the use of a special PET film.

Special PET film is developed in accordance with strict requirements for the production of pharmaceutical and food packaging by cold forming.

In the case of using a special PET film, the structure of the laminated material looks different:

Special PET film 36 μm * + Al foil 50 μm + special PET film 36 μm

A special PET film has a number of advantages for the production of blister packs:

It should be noted that in the production of a special PET film, its crystal structure is modified by including a "metaphase" structure. This new structure allows the film to be easily molded.

In addition, we compare the technical data of the packaging produced with the use of different materials.


Packaging made by cold molding using standard materials

Packaging made using a laminated material based on a special PET film

Water vapor permeability



Oxygen permeability



Weight, g/m2



Water vapor permeability: g / 39m / 24 hours at 37.8 ° C and relative humidity of 90%

Oxygen permeability: cm3 / 59 m / 24 hours at 23 ° C and relative humidity 0%

The parameters of the last parameter in the comparative table indicate the possibility of saving in case of using a new laminated material, i.e. It is possible to increase the output of finished products while maintaining the weight used for this material.

In case of interest, they are ready to provide prototypes.