LLC "KSK-groups" Vladimir welcomes on its official website its present and future customers, partners and competitors!

Our company has many years of experience of successful cooperation in completely different directions. Over the long years of searching, forming a worldview and becoming a company, a huge marketing work was done with subsequent analysis, selection and selection of strategic directions for further deepening and development.

Currently OOO KSK Group is a dynamically and constantly evolving structure that unites many directions.

The main field of activity is the polymer industry, which includes the supply of raw materials and components for the production of polymers, the sale of polymer compounds for various purposes, used in many industries. For example, at the moment, exclusive sales rights have been negotiated with most Russian manufacturers and PVC manufacturers and halogen-free cable compounds.

To meet the needs of our customers and provide complex shipments, we supply roll materials such as PET films, aluminousflex, mica tape, and also cut to the required widths on our own equipment of the highest class. The list of supplied materials is constantly expanding, among which there are products of our consumers, for example, cable and wire products.

Our main strength is our team, which has been tested by time for stamina and strength, and we do not have random people.

Our main weapon is a quick understanding of the situation and an immediate response. We have learned to listen and hear the consumer, and to offer exactly what he needs.

Our company has established itself as a reliable partner, fulfilling all the requirements and wishes of the client, thus keeping the leading position in its segment.

We highly appreciate the established relationships and constantly develop new directions of our activity, strive to expand partnerships and invite to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, we will be glad to see you among our partners!

Yours faithfully,
General Director of LLC "KSK-Group"
Kochetkov Roman Viktorovich