PVC compounds

All plastic is packed in soft specialized containers such as "Big-Beg" for one-time use with a polyethylene liner for packing loose products.

Hologen free compounds

Hologen-free polymer compositions are intended for the manufacture of protective casings and insulation of cables of the "ng (A) -HF" or "ng (A) -FRHF" design, which are operated in the conditions of increased fire danger.

Polymer masterbatches

The polymer concentrate is manufactured according to the specifications of the manufacturer in the form of granules of various colors and is intended for the coloring of cable products.

EPDM based compounds

The compound is used as a filler for the manufacture of NYM type cables and low and medium voltage cables.

Al foil/ PET films

Designed for shielding and transverse waterproofing of cables.

Mica tapes

Refractory mica tape: the minimum temperature of fire resistance is above 950 ℃.

Water blocking tapes

Used to protect water from power cable, fiber optic cable, communication cable.

PET films

The film has increased mechanical properties, dielectric parameters over a wide range of temperatures.

Steel tapes for cables armouring

Steel tape for booking cables (armored tape) - is designed to protect cables from mechanical damage.

Zinc-coated steel wire

Wire zinc-plated steel is designed for the reservation of electrical wires and cables.