Packing for pharmaceuticals


At present there is combined material type Alu/Alu with the following structure on the Russian market: oriented polyamide film 25 mic + Al foil 50 mic + PVC film 60 mic


The material offered by “KSK-grupp” is not standard. Its specific feature is usage of special PET film.  

The given special PET film is produced in compliance with strict demands to pharmaceutical and food packaging by way of cold forming.

If special PET film is used, the structure of the laminated material is as follows: special PET film 36 mic + Al foil 50 mic + special PET film 36 mic.



The given special PET film has a number of advantages for blister packaging production:

-          Special PET films are environmentally friendly in contrast to PVC films. Special films can be recycled, they are resistant to high temperatures, they are characterized by high flexibility, they can be used in printing.

-         Being a base for a barrier layer, such films are characterized by high transparency.

-          There are no negative effects in case of sealing with films with VMCH covering.


-          There is no need for conversion of the existing equipment and

It’s worthwhile mentioning when producing special PET film, its crystal structure gets modified due to introducing a “Metaphase” structure. This new structure allows the film to be easily formed or shaped.


Cold forming, conventional packaging materials

Cold forming, laminated material based on special PET film







Weight, g/m2




WVT (water vapour transmission) of Alu/Alu material with a new structure is 0,01 g/39m/24 hours at 37,8°С and relative humidity 90%.

OTR (oxygen transmission) is 0,02 cc/59m/24 hours at 23°С and relative humidity 0%.

Thickness (122 mic) and weight (240 g/m2) of the new laminated material are less than the same with the standard structure (135 mic and 260 g/m2 respectively), i.e. it’s possible to increase the output of the finished goods provided the weight of the raw materials used is the same.

Samples for testing are supplied at customer’s request.